Silent Thoughts

I want something cosy!

Cool breeze, a good novel, coffee, greenery, luxurious resort room, variety of options for food, crazy desserts, nice collection of wines, lovely designer wine glasses, some privacy actually lots of privacy, huge bathroom with plush bathtub, two chairs & a table in the gallery, a small light in the distance which I can stare at, romantic & classic movies collection, lots of multi-coloured flowers, an infinity swimming pool with absolutely no one else in it while a Cosmopolitan waits for me!

A bicycle, a warm yet light jacket, a good party dress, 5-6 comfy footwear’s, cosy white silky blanket, few satin nighties, warm black or blue socks with polka dots on it… and a laptop to do some thinking, some writing!


Travel to some distant places with no hurry to return! With no restrictions of spending money! With no obligations of a job! With no responsibilities of a family! Just me, my books, my wine, my memories, my sadness, my ambitions and my writing… and all small little things of mine..

Some new faces to make memories with, some new moments to leave behind as a memory, some new city’s to experience…Understand relationships, to unshackle myself, to be lively again…to love myself more!

The freedom to laugh – cry, to roam alone, to get lost, to eat desserts, to drink what I like, to go where I like, to make love, to dance, to experience music – and just be myself…again…





Journey My Insights

Freedom from Have To’s…

I’m a girl with specifications and preferences! As much as it is difficult for people to put up with me, its more painful for me at times. I have so many expectations from myself that I am living under some kind of pressure always. I have to reach somewhere at all times. Some work is incomplete no matter what 😦

While I was listening to my coach talk to someone yesterday, I realized my major source of restlessness and dissatisfaction comes from the desire to Be Perfect in any case. Perfect at workplace, at home while doing household chores, while talking to someone, in all my relationships whether it be Family or Friends , or even while writing a blog. I have to be perfect even while messaging someone or even putting a status on Facebook. How insane is that!

video-undefined-1D6F71A200000578-763_636x358How will I or anyone in the world be perfect always? Theoretically I clearly know that its impossible. But how many times can I implement this concept? Hardly few times!


Its so automatic need to be Perfect that it runs my life. It puts me into difficult conditions where I have to multitask so much that I forget few things to be done, my quality of work decreases, people around me always see me running around and unsettled. It drains the energy out of me where nothing creative or entertaining can be even thought of. Even the choice of movies that I see have to perfect – filled with Sense, Good story, Good message and great actors, if not then it leaves me in discomfort. Novels that I choose have to be connecting, worth cherishing, leaving some impact, which has good language flare if not then I declare it useless and don’t read them.

Talking about love interests, Ahh I only choose the one who is Gem of  a person and has the ability to be the best in all areas of his life! and when I’m in love , relationship gets old and I start seeing some errors then the whole new level of struggle starts. For him and me both.

No wonder people connected to me keep on saying you are too attached to this Don’t be. You are expecting a bit too much, don’t do that. People complain and complain and complain about my intimidation, over-caring and expecting perfectness but the complains don’t reach my ears many times. As I don’t get time from being Perfect myself!

i am enoughThis realization hit me right on my face like and tears started rolling down. I understood how much impact it has on my life in Career, with relationships or my aspirations just everywhere. Being Perfect is my identity or personality since last 25 years its not going to go anywhere. But If I’m aware of this most of the times of the day then I will be able Be Sane as much as possible 😉  and my quality of life will improve for sure.

Now, I am going to be free of all the HAVE TO’S I put on myself. I am going to have the freedom of choosing to do or not do certain things. I am ready to let go of things that are not working out after a point, rather than using all my energy to trying to fix it. Putting myself and others in jeopardy isn’t going to give me any fulfillment in life.

So I am choosing the freedom from Have To’s today! Sighhh…of relief !




Getting it back together…

In last few months, I have seen myself going through the most haunting phase of life. It was that time, when nothing could make me happy or give me a moment of peace. There was just no strength to go on. It looked like everything is falling apart, Relationships were already suffering, but even my personality, my family, dreams seen with people around, ambitions in life etc. I had almost believed that its probably time to pack bags and leave. Alone. Everyday, you are so used to living your life in a certain way , so bloody used to having certain people around you that you don’t realize they might not be there when you are not putting up your great face.

Good or bad. After being left alone to either grow or perish. I realized that, I can look at this as an opportunity to fix things, create something new and start fresh. I thought to myself that people who love me unconditionally don’t deserve this ME. They deserve my love, support and liveliness around me. And I decided to get back!

Its funny how things work sometimes. The moment you decide you wanna come out of the depressing phase, you start seeing the ways in which you can do that. Its awesome to see courage coming back. Patience creeping in your body(that’s the most needed one) My view towards people started changing. I gradually started coping up!

That’s where my Happiness 10 days kicked in…

Freedom One day while lying on bed and feeling happy for no reason at all (which was rare at that time) I decided that for next 10 days I will celebrate Happiness 10 days. I will treat myself for all the Good things I do in my life. I will celebrate being me. I will eat whatever I like, I will do whatever I like and will just go all out and be happy everyday.

The main agenda of this was being able to create happiness when its not automatic to feel that. Its a very different space when your emotions are in your control and you are creating every moment the way you want it. You say it and do it  OR You say it and It happens. As you are in this profound space all the time, picking up from disappointments becomes easy too. Its not that I wasn’t sad or unhappy or disappointed for these 10days but the point is that in-spite feeling that, I was originally at peace. I could let go my anger or disappointment and get back quickly. I never in those 10days found myself weeping for being helpless. I never found myself lying on bed feeling down and thinking that nothing is going to change.

I planned every day and executed every day just the way I wanted to. When I fell short of doing that, I picked myself again. Happiness 10days were meant only for me but I am sure everyone who met me in those 10days had real fun too. They experienced a very different me than usual. They liked being around me, debate with me, share things, demand things and most importantly they and I both felt connected to each other.

I understood the power of creation in those 10days.

My friend suggested that, I should be aware of how days are passing by and share about it with everyone. Although I wasn’t that aware of every moment, I still have a list full of things to share what I did for succeeding in Happiness 10days campaign( sucha marketing word). Stay on for my next blog with elated version of those 10days :-)..





Emotional does take away my sleep!

Dependency, how much role does this play in our daily life? I would say a lot actually !

They divide the aspects of dependency into being dependent, independent or interdependent. Being dependent on someone is someone else pulling the strings for you. Being independent is what everyone strives to achieve! In this case, your happiness, success, decisions, consequences and more importantly your sorrows are not dependent on a person or a situation. And being interdependent, that’s how it is everyday. Entangled into many people. May it be your family, lover, friends, colleagues, boss or any damn thing. We all can’t move ahead unless we have a YES from someone. There is always at least one person on whom your things are dependent.


If you give it a thought, its always gonna be like that! Talk about workplace or home its never gonna change. And probably that’s how we want it to stay. We just don’t realize it that way..

If we are independent of everyone around us then practically we will be all alone. Living life on your own terms without caring about another person’s priorities, work, needs or time, that is a tempting deal but doesn’t come without extreme consequences.

But then why there comes a time in our life when we want to give it a damn, we want to be the way we want. We see ourselves stuck into questions like, “Why the hell I cant just do what I want? Why cant I just be where I want to be? Why the heck I cant choose whom to be with? “. And these questions never give you an answer in return! Then it leads to all kinds of reactions like breakdown, crying, depression, anger, shutting yourself or simply walking away.

I believe “our emotional attachment to a person, decision, result or the consequences leads us into a trap of disappoint and unsatisfaction”. and it turn we loose out on everything.

When you feel that disappointment, don’t react. Wait for a second and think. What do you exactly want?

Take a minute to think. Analyze the situation.

Many situations are much more complex and include dozens of people and varied emotions. But what if we start making an effort to make things hassle free and less messier than they usually get.


In the end, we are always going to be interdependent but how we turn the disadvantage into advantage will decide the day !!!

What do you think about this?

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