How it all started…

In my 11th standard, I wrote my first ‘Marathi’ fiction article which I guess no one read ever.  It was a romance between a girl and Rains.

I told Rain , that you gotta move on. I’m not the same girl anymore, who would blush with your raindrops falling on my face, who would keep my heart on palm of my hand and wait for you indefinitely. I have moved on. I have started liking someone who cares for me, who loves me, makes me feel special..Its time I go and try that relation. How long can I be your obsession? How long are you gonna live for me? How long are we gonna keep waiting each year ? How long should I stop my bike in the middle of the road and fall for your beauty? How long should I look at the green bed that you create and touch it with my feet to feel you? How long are you gonna be helpless because you cant visit me anytime you want? How long are we gonna convince each other that this togetherness is enough?

I gotta grow, I gotta spread my wings, I gotta find someone who will always be there and support me. Helpless with my distance, he said,

Just remember I’m watching you every moment. I’m going to still wait to touch your face. I’m still going to come to make sure that you are happy. Be sure, every-time I come down I’m showering my love on you. Only you. I know I will bring smile on your face even then, and you will close your eyes look at the sky, would remember me. That’s it that’s all I need in life.”

Right then I knew, I don’t express the way others do. I don’t have a profound hang of language, flair or thoughts. But I have lots n lots of love to cultivate into words. It took 9 years for me to realize I’m happy when I’m expressing.

I’m here to STAY, to FALL IN LOVE, to EXPRESS, to INSPIRE.

So here I am, finding my joy!

4 replies on “How it all started…”

dear mrunmayee,
I totally understand ur love with rains.
I am in the same kind of love, but with the wind.
he is my soulmate, teacher, brother, bestfriend, and everything.
just like u stopped ur bike on the road to fall for him, so did I. he comes around to my window whenever I am sad, alone or angry. he is like the inner voice of my conscience. and my first love. no matter whom I meet.

u are a wonderful girl. I read the 5 things article, and u are nowhere wrong in having fairytales. and if he makes u feel emotionally dependent, he does not love u. after all we love those whom we need, AND who need us too.


Thanks Rutuja for your lovely words! I’m so happy you liked my 5things post too. Fortunately, he or anyone before this never made me feel emotionally dependent on them, I am a bit of fool to do it to myself 😉 You are right about needing each other,our relationships are totally give and take all along 🙂


I loved your comment 🙂 Writing/Expressing has made me a different, happier person that’s hw my joy is reaching you. Now that you follow me, it will be great you reading my thoughts! Thank you!


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