Celebrating New Years Eve! Uff, Really? Are we?

I mostly hate celebrations, if you have been following my blog for a while OR you know me personally then you know this much!

Uff the tradition of celebrating New Year’s, I hate it from the bottom of my heart. And yes my generation calls me hopeless and a waste for that. But what people don’t get is, well its just not me. It’s freaking unlike me to indulge in any crazy party on New Year’s!

From childhood, our New Year’s eve used to be – Watching Bollywood New Year programs on TV, Have a normal meal, Sit with parents and then sleep after the show was over. That’s it!

How difficult is it to understand that my childhood and the culture I had, has never ever left me any need to celebrate the New Years the way people do ;-(! But yes we grew up and people around me expected me to have a little fun. But I can’t. I just can’t make myself do something I don’t like.

I love to celebrate my Birthday or Valentine’s day or Anniversary – let alone the agony it creates at times but I still genuinely love it.. But certainly not New Year’s! Although, I never have problem with what others choose to do, I love it when my friends and family enjoy the day the way they want, its satisfactory to see that.

I just have never been in an environment where celebrations were frequent and necessary. And quite frankly I love it that way! Somehow, I feel okay and contended without them..

noI know I am being selfish here, by ranting about what I don’t like. When the other part of the story is, your husband and friends expecting you to be there and celebrate. They love partying, they love the night outs, Music and chilling around. And that’s why I always keep my innate feelings aside and well celebrate! But I hate it when I leave for home early, keep shut and just listen, don’t contribute, lack the excited face and most of all be the same odd girl out almost always. How do I explain to people that I don’t want to be a spoil sport in any party..

God should have made me a crazy party hopper mannn.. I’m telling you, Life would have been so simpler then 😉

Although there are some not so young and a bit unexciting ways I would love to celebrate my New Year’s..

1. Conversations and Him – Sipping Jacob’s Creek Rose with Chocolate Pastry and some music in the background on the Terrace of your home! Don’t forget the to Lit the terrace, ahhhh goosebumps!

2. Stories and friends – Cook together, Drink together, Cut a cake if you wish to and Talk, Dance and share your life! Well just create some cherishing memories..

3. Seek the moment with Family – Watch Andaz Apna Apna with parents, Brother and Husband.. Sip wine if Dad allows and just chill, Talk, Have Choco-Chips Ice-cream and munch on chips! That would be perfect..

4. Go Solo & Read – Read a novel, Romance with the favorite character, Live in the plot, Write a little and Sip on Wine, have a Pizza and just sleep after  a while! Absolute Bliss..

5. Push Off Abroad, preferably alone – Go somewhere no one knows you, Walk the entire city alone, Observe what people are doing, Have conversations with strangers, Create memories with yourself and just do as you please! Ohhh mannn, when will I do this?

There will be hardly anyone who would like my options..What can I say, probably its just me who think of celebrations as a little misery 😉

Having said that, I wish all of you to have a great New Year’s Bash and all the fun possible.. I promise I will not criticize 😉

My Insights Observations

Valentines Day..Uff not again!

Seriously, who created this day! The much I thank god for creating Birthdays , is the much I hate whoever created Valentines day!

Its been many years I have been In love, experienced many forms of love and shared lovely relationships..But boy this day is definitely over-hyped than any other celebrations..

I always face a profound battle between my girly expectations and practical thinking.

To clarify it more .. I badly expect my lover to plan for everything and making me feel like princess, getting roses and chocolate cake and a gift and telling me how much he loves me, how much he wants me in his life and trust me the list has few more pointers… 😉

CelebrateValentines_DayChocolate_freecomputerdesktopwallpaper_2560But at the same time I think, what bullshit is this? its a normal everyday sort of day. I already know he loves me, he says that everyday, I already know how much he wants me in his life, he doesn’t need to get roses, gifts and plan a lavish evening to tell me that, he already takes care of me so well; I don’t need to be felt like princess just for one day.. and it goes on..

But I know myself very well.. No matter how practically I think, I would still expect him to meet me, make plans with me and make the evening special..

After experiencing the same dilemma every year, facing good & bad valentines day, overwhelming happiness & utter disappointments and realization, I believe its time to really dig into this.

Expectations and disappointments are not new to anyone. But why expect so much on this bloody valentine’s day! I did some so called thinking.. I think there is something beyond feeling special that you expect that day. We live in a very volatile & unsteady world which is a huge hiccup in our romantic relationships. Catching-up, roaming around, sharing with each other, having someone around when you need, doing what you like together etc. all of this has become very rare. You really have to try and take efforts to be with each other to spend some quality time. And everything you do comes with a expiry duration tag.

I think on that ONE day, you want that piece of your quality time, feel of early days of relationship , freedom from worries of work & money and just some rosy time with your loved one. Its probably the Rightful day that has gotten created, for the two people to get along and speak about them , their future, their plans and their relationship. Its one day , when the two people hold hands and plan what happens next with them.

Its Sweet, Pure , Genuine and Romantic!

But one should never wait for other person to plan. Initiating to make the evening special is not over-hyped at all, its nice and might not lead to disappointments. Expectations are good but waiting for someone to take an action  and letting it lead to disappointment & fight is definitely not good for any relationship.

So this valentines day I have decided to Expect with my full heart and plan.. Whatever happens, I already know he loves me.. ;););)