5 things my BF’s must have hated in me…

Oh Yes !! Those of you who have been In and Out of Love, very well know how much of our lives have been impacted because of our relationships…Thankfully its true for Guys and girls 😉

One thing I’m dead sure, that guys who I have been close to Loved me with all their heart. At some point, they loved me more than anything else in life. But there also came a time, when they hated me from the core 😛

1. I Over-Share.. Well yes, I agree I do!

I want to share about the good movie I watched, excellent book that I read, romantic restaurant I went to or a blessed vacation I went to. Who likes a girl for long who talks too much or who wants you to share everything 😉

On top that, I hate to keep secrets. So I can imagine the frustration guys must have gone through because no one would like their good or bads to be published on the blog or spoken out in friends. Love is such an important thing in my life that at times, I just cant control but share with the world what you are or who you are to me.

Isn’t blogging one of the results of over-sharing 😛

2. I Over-Give in the relationship.. Heard of anyone who gives 110% in the relationship? 😉

I don’t get tired or bored of a person. I certainly can’t be mad for more than few hours( it was minutes once) So no matter what happens, If I am in love… I am always caring about you, your family, your health, your work, your aspirations and all your needs. I like to know everything and be an integral part of your life. I have no regrets in compromising my own plans if its going to give him happiness. I care more than imagined or expected.

Guys need so called space all the time ;-0, and I certainly suck at giving that!

3. I don’t like change.. If the one I love starts behaving differently its utterly difficult for me to cope!

I wait for that I love you message, casual conversation about the day, plans to meet next time or need the feeling connected always. If that doesn’t happen, it makes me restless. I expect a guy to put his commitment towards the relation first, even when we have had steaming fights 😉 Which guy on earth will do this 😉

Guys don’t like to be so emotionally connected everyday, they like to be there when they feel like it. Freaking Unbalanced scenario.

4. I am emotionally dependent.. I hate this one too!

My happiness, sadness or peace of mind depends on the partner. A fight or misunderstanding affects me like you cant imagine. I sulk, I am disoriented, I get into depression or just fall ill. It definitely might be scaring the hell out of a guy to cope up with a girl like this. I am just so used to that person being around in all good or bad moments that I loose the sight of tomorrow, if even the thought of he not being there approaches me.

They say, a girl is only a sweet friend till she is independent and not emotional !

5. You are my fairytale.. Lol.. my partners have criticized me most for this!

If we are in love, going strong then you are as good as that absolutely stunning character in a romantic novel or Jerry in PS I love you! I will gift you , I will surprise you, I will make romantic plans, I would treat our togetherness as the most important thing, I will go to any limits to support you or I will do just anything to make you happy. For me constraints of Money, Time, People or Engagements matter very less because all along you are my first priority. Most of the guys don’t treat their relation as priority..

Naturally the pressure of keeping up with my all time enthusiastic soul must be difficult 😉

With all said and done, my relationships have always ROCKED like hell 😉 With no pretense, no manipulation..only naturally flowing emotions from both (love or hate) they are PURE!!

Everyone who has been close to me deserve to be awarded for keeping up with me at some point and still loving me incredibly 🙂







Silent Thoughts

Mr. McDreamy…Dreaming along!

You are all I need , to be free.

You are my life time guarantee.

Coz i know i think of you when i am down and feelin blue

You know the days go by, they never end

It’s like they never end until tomorrow

Coz you are my lifetime guarantee

You are all I need, to be free.

Meredith sees him in the corridor of hospital , exhales a sigh which meant ‘shit I want him so badly’, feels helpless and calls him Mr. McDreamy

A grey eyed guy with crop beard , little sad face, average-ish physique , stands-out in 50 people , intelligent, humorous, lightening gaze which looks within and walks like a college guy who has no worry whatsoever. That’s Mr. McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey ) from Grey’s Anatomy.

Now you might think whats so special about him that he landed up as a topic of the blog? Well Nothing and Everything. He is perfectly imperfect. Just the way I like it.

He would wear this Orange Tee and sit at the bar enjoying his drink alone. Not talking much just thinking to himself. And a girl comes n sits beside him. He looks at her, and finds her cute says “wow she has a nice smile”. Starts talking, about the weather and work and falls for her. Eventually she falls in his arms perfectly.

That’s all how it started and went on..

Patrick-DempseyAfter a long thought,I realized I like the idea of him from the core.

A soft spoken guy making the first move, making you feel the pain in your guts because of the way he treats you, who talks endlessly about past future work dreams friends family just anything, includes you in his life in a moment, a guy who doesn’t think too much of the consequences, who takes a step first just realizing the connection two people share, who is not bound by stupid conversations of society, morality, who accepts you the way you are, who cares for your family the way you do, who puts himself second when you are around, who gets angry very quickly because he cant stand the mediocrity, who guides you in your work, who compels you to go forward and try new things, who kicks you in your butt if you dont perform, who teaches you things which you need support in, who takes you as a partner, listens to your suggestions, shares his worries and problems with you, who takes your support whenever necessary, who fulfills his responsibilities well, who doesnt just doesnt let you pay 😉 who takes you as his property at the same time gives you your space, who doesnt expect too much, who cant see you with any other guy, who doesn’t like public display of affection, who would go any heights to help you in trouble, who touches you and fills you up with love and care, whose intimacy is not bound by physical attraction but by the commitment, sometimes you will find him extremely cold hearted, sometimes you will find him stubborn and extremely egoistic, but when you think straight you will understand he is just keeping it real, a guy who will fight with you, make you angry deeply, who will neglect you, who will not talk to you for days , not say I love you for days together but will not move from his commitment an inch, who makes you fall for him everyday some more, beside him you feel completeYou feel completely loved.

Patrick-Dempsey-Male-Celebrity-WallpaperMr. McDreamy is like a sunshine who would brighten up your life and a moonlight who would fill your life with stars and romance. This is one character on TV which i lose my sleep and hunger over. I clearly know this craziness is completely crazy but seriously there is no control over some things in life or rather you dont want to have control over some things in life.

Every-time I watched him on screen, I would melt down with the idea of having a guy like that in life..but never found a face matching that character.

Until I found HIM. I just did. Like from no where, he just landed in front of me. Call it a Destiny, call it a Coincidence, call it a Serendipity. I just found him.

Its been some time, I hope he still remembers that he is still my “Mr. McDreamy”..