Delusional reality!

Crazy isn’t it?

You are sitting and enjoying in your own little bubble of life where your issues are as small as what to cook for tonight/ I hate driving/ I don’t want to work on this project/ my boss didn’t speak to me properly today/ couldn’t get a chance to call my brother today/ I didn’t get to eat ice-cream since 4-5 days etc. etc.

Its funny how until one day the definition of routine is just a combination of what you achieved, what you failed in, what you liked/disliked or what you want/don’t want.

And suddenly you wake up one day and everything changes. Just like it changed once, when you faced a lay-off from a job OR your relationship ended miserably.

The ground you are standing on moves- not because of the earthquake but with something more effective than that. Your world collapses right in front of your eyes. All you can do is just wait and watch.

That’s when I wonder, what is reality?

Is it that we see through our eyes? OR Is it what’s being felt but yet unsaid? And if either of these is reality, then is reality a stand alone complete thing? or just a delusional concept?

Who will answer this for me? I just badly need someone who can answer it for me..

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