She’s.. just irreplaceable!

I’m not gonna call her my best friend. Best friends leave and I don’t want her to go anywhere.

My friend, my closest friend, my wing-woman, my just like sister friend… that’s enough i guess 😉

She has my name. Her brother has my brother’s name. Coincidence but a very good one. That’s how we started our friendship. OH YOU TOO moment!

They say everyone has a professional life, personal life and a secret life. Probably she’s the only one who knows 90% of my personal and secret life. Yes I’m not an Open book anymore, I wish i get back to be one soon!

She’s an advanced version of me. I always say that. Not advanced technologically but from being individualistic perspective and I like that about her. She lives life on her own terms, not bound by people or situations. If you are a girl who doesn’t like to be told, doesn’t like to be restricted, doesn’t like to be taken for granted, who is an absolute charmer and generous yet extremely cold and naive at times… just like me.. then you will understand what i mean!

We stay in one city but we meet once a year. We don’t talk daily but one phone call and we know everything that’s going on. We are insanely similar in few things and diversely different in some. We lie to the world but we don’t lie to each other. We crib and crib and cry and stay sad for long but we still have fun when we speak about our pains. We love people around us but yet we hate them a lot at times. We are very close to our partners but yet we have our own world where no one can enter. We know each other so well that usually the thing that needs 100 words to explain is explained in 10 words while talking. We have similar problems with the world and we love that we have them. We know we can break through the situations by ourselves but we still expect some emotional support from each other.

But there’s one major difference, i don’t scold her like she does:( Anyway, no one can scold her i guess 😉

I have been waiting for the moment when she will get married. Two people in love for such long years will create an awesome life. I am eagerly waiting to see that happen. Besides, marriage settles you, gives you a new direction in life – I believe that truly. Having a partner who loves you, understands you, knows you so well and has gone through all phases of a relationship with you has to be grabbed as soon as possible 😉

No matter how bossy she may get at times, I love her! She has been there, when no one was around. She has been there, when everything was falling apart.. She has also been there, when times were the bestest possible.. She has seen it all!

This one’s in the happiness of her marriage.. 🙂





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