Girl in the mirror..

I couldn’t recognize the girl standing opposite to me..

Who is she anyway?

I don’t know her at all.. I can hear someone laughing in the background.. Is that voice mocking me? Is it suggesting me something? ..I paid attention to the voice.. The voices were laughing loudly as if they solved a mystery just now.. I wanted to know why they were laughing.. I wanted to listen to the story they were hiding.. I wanted to know why I was being mocked.. I wanted to know if its the girl in the mirror they are mocking.. I wanted to know why that voice is so familiar.. I wanted to know why cant I realize what they were intending to say.. I wanted the reason for my restlessness.. I knew they knew something about the girl in the mirror.. I wanted to know about her.. God she looks so familiar yet so strange.. Why is she the way she is.. Come on, Voice.. Tell me something, Tell me anything.. My request is unheard, my anxiety is less cared for.. They fade away.. Now they are slightly echoing.. from someplace hidden..from far far away.. but still laughing.. still mocking.. I stood there in silence.. but they accompanied me.. I decided to ignore them, I decided may be the girl will tell me who she is.. and what is she doing here? In my mirror..

By now, I have started liking something about her.. I want her to go but at the same time I want her to stay.. but for starters, for once I want to know who she is..

I went close to the mirror to see if I can figure out some more about her.. I looked at her, stared at her.. and kept on staring.. She was Tall but a bit fat.. She was good looking but with big dark circles.. She was dark in color but she had a glow to her appearance.. She was standing but she looked like she was on her knees and looking at me.. Her eyes looked settled but they were searching for something.. It looked like she may smile any moment but there was a permanent emptiness in her face.. She looked like she was complete but there was something a miss.. I kept on thinking what’s missing.. what’s not right..what’s not in place..and I realized..Oh gosh..She’s alone.. She’s broken..She’s a dummy of herself…

Freak.. I stumbled..took two steps back..

Just then she started crying, slowly her tears rolled down the cheek.. Her breathing got heavy.. Her hands started shivering.. She started feeling cold.. Her ears became hot.. Her head started paining.. She was crying as if.. she is hurt.. that I understood who she is.. Her crying increased uncontrollably..

I didn’t mean to do that.. I never meant to give pain to her.. I was just trying to help.. I don’t wanna know who she is.. if she is hurt by it.. Freak, what do i do now..

I could feel her pain.. I could feel her helplessness.. I could feel her drowning.. I could feel her losing all senses..Slowly getting lost..

My heart sank so deep.. my restlessness grew.. my hands started shivering.. I started feeling ears became hot.. I couldn’t think anymore.. I couldn’t understand where I was anymore.. I started feeling the pain inside my chest.. My eyes started searching for something for someone.. My arms needed a hug.. My cheeks needed to be in someone’s hands.. I was suddenly so afraid.. Suddenly so desperate to runaway.. All sorrows came together.. Loneliness came and sat beside me.. I wanted to shoo him away.. Why does he visit all the time? who gives him the key to my door?.. I needed help.. I wanted someone to take me away from there.. I wanted someone who knows my story.. I wanted a hand to hold me.. A voice to say its okay.. An assuring voice, to say I’m always there with you.. I wanted someone to lie to me and say its going to be fine.. I needed warmth..absolute warmth!

I broke down on the ground.. knelt down, looking at the mirror.. and my eyes met with her.. The Girl in the Mirror.. She looked right through me!

And the laughing voices in the background.. Suddenly Disappeared!




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