Silent Thoughts

Saw you..

Saw you standing there, looking mischievous as always,

Saw you looking at me, never making it visible,

Saw you felt my presence, always denying it,

Saw you wanted to talk, never initiating it,

Saw you wanted my support, never taking it,

Saw you needing my hand in your hand, never going for it,

Saw you watching me while I talk, always resisting it,

Saw you hovering around restless, never accepting it,

Saw you wanted a hug, always waiting for it,

Saw you wanted to express, always suppressing it,

Saw you wanted to runaway from there with me, never making it happen,

Saw you wanted the time to stop between us, never wishing it hard enough,

Saw you doing nothing, taking a back seat as always!

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