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Wohhoo! its feels great to be back here..

Somewhere in last few months, i reduced writing! I was thinking why that happened..

I just realized I write when I’m emotionally composed. I cherish writing as a hobby it comes to me naturally.When relationships, friendships, work, feeling of being contented and career growth are going well (hand-in-hand) then I’m composed. Or else I behave like a disoriented child who doesn’t have a clue of whats happening around 😉

So that suggests that now I’m sort of living the best time of life..

Seriously what else one needs in life.. A loving & understanding husband, an always there kind of best-friend, few good friends , gradual career growth, getting to work on new things , getting to learn new things, earning enough (but not enough) and most importantly rock solid support & love by family!

Shakkkyyy  -> More Shakkkyyy -> Getting Better -> Stabilizing ————-> Stable

Last 3-4 years, I realize now how its shaped. I’m still at Stabilizing mode, but hope to cross that phase soon.

So I’m going to write more.. More about my experiences, my friends, my work experiences and relationships.. Yesterday a friend of mine insisted that I should not stop writing and here I am thanks to her !

Yo 2014!

7 replies on “Wohhoo! its feels great to be back here..”

thats naaaaice M ! its very rare to find people who can easily pen down their thoughts and feelings.. we are always there with you! looking forward for an amazing an interesting thought from ya in a new blog..


very well put. keep writing it inspires people like me. loved the article specially the journey from shaky to stable……;)


What else parents want ‘their child to be’ ? Happy and stable, enjoying life the way it comes and Phoenix- like..! Undoubtedly, caterpillar is turning into butterfly..! We are there always..! Proud, eager, enjoying the journey of unfolding of our daughter and S-I-L…!


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