Life is cruel to some..

It was 10PM yesterday night.

I was returning from dinner which served my favorite cuisine.

Contended, Satisfied and Shivering with cold I waited on the Traffic signal few kilometers away from home.

Beside me waited a 65-70 year old man on a bicycle.

Just generally my attention diverted towards him to look at how he is.

65-70 year old man, on an extremely old lady bicycle, with no warmers, wrinkles all over the face, hair and mustache all whites, yawning and looking at the road – as if he can visualize the gate of his house which is still many bicycle minutes away.

While I was looking at him, he looked at me. A gaze transferred.

Don’t know what he must have thought about me staring at him.

But all I thought was ‘Life is cruel to some’ and we crib about someone not giving us enough attention. What the hell?

Shivering cold, no warmers, riding a bicycle in this evil traffic city and being so bloody old.

I cant digest it. I couldn’t see it. I thought, I should do something for people ya, it’s high time. Already in this world, people who get disturbed by these things have become extinct. The one’s who do get disturbed must do something.

Few tears rolled down the cheek, as always was disturbed for a lot of time after that, it went on and on at the back of mind.

I don’t know what to do. I still haven’t figured that one out yet.

But I wouldn’t want my grandfather to face that in his life. And all I know is, that man I saw was also someone’s grandfather.

I have to do something. I gotta do something.

It’s been few weeks, I am facing a problem.

From the people who break traffic rules to people who loiter in public places, From the elderly women who cant cross a traffic lorn road to people who travel on bicycles, From people who do 11-12hours hard jobs to women helps who work day-in day-night in corporate offices, From people who cant have proper food to people who work till they are 70-80 years old many things, almost anything is disturbing.

It just cuts through, asking me to take some efforts to release that pain on the faces.

I find a way to forget it, to move on, to divert my attention but the more I do that, the more it gets stronger.

This may have happened after my grandfather expired. God knows what changed, but the social sensations have become more stronger than ever before.

My respect for people, of how much they may be managing to do what they do has incredibly increased.

But hell yeah, its very unsettling.

Here I crib about my unsettling emotions, and there the man I saw yesterday must be trying to make the most out of what he has.

And nothing changes. 

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