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The Last Lear.. Movie that remains with you!

I am no actor or performer neither have I read Shakespeare’s plays. But I can understand the language! Language of expressions, tone of voice and the meaning hidden under the lines.

The Last LearThe Last Lear is a movie of a passionate eccentric and Old stage performer of Shakespeare’s plays and a contented rational director along with a Model turned actress struggling to make her way through acting and marriage both.

When I think about it, I am confused as to What I liked the most! The story or Amitabh Bacchchan’s performance or the minute elements in the story which made all the difference. I don’t know, I can’t categorize the movie based on any of this.

It is just splendid, wonderful, realistic, different, creative and has tremendous amount of depth. Not a single moment you realize that you are watching Hindi Film actors with Indian emotions in an English language movie. Every small detail is bang on – whether it is the Look of the actors or the locations and to every emotion they express.

The Last LearAmitabh Bacchchan’s work in The Last Lear is by far the best work I have seen at this age. He paints a picture of those Shakespeare’s scenes, he lives those characters and takes you there. It gets as real as it can get in a cinema. Love, Relationships, Friendship, Commitment, Dedication and Ultimate Passion; he literally tells the meaning of these words through his acting.

With this movie, I once again realized how one thing in life drives people. They are obsessed, passionate, crazy and living for that one thing. Its the source of inspiration and also a way of life. You just cant live any other way later on. It possesses you. Just like Paul walker, His passion was racing, he enjoyed it the most, he made it his work and hobby both, he loved it the most and unfortunately his end happened while racing. But that is the risk passionate people are ready to take, they are crazy enough to risk it all.

I wish, I am that sicknessly obsessed and passionate about something in my life ever.. I am longing for the day I discover my passion!

The Last Lear, this one’s gonna stay with me for long!

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