World is full of Cowards…

World is full of Idiots.. Its time we replaced this line with “World is full of cowards”.. People who are running away from responsibilities, situations and just want Sympathy, Special treatment and extra advantage everywhere they go.

Recent decision of increasing the reservations in Jobs and Education is triggering this conversation. Yes and why shouldn’t it? I’m not that angry about falling in remaining 27% but I’m very angry about the culture we live in. I feel disgusted with the cowardice around.

Yes some people are facing hell, Yes some people really need help, They need support to stand up.. and We help them. We all usually do. My parents are associated with a trust since almost 25Years who works for underprivileged day-in day-out. A bit of that has sink in, I also want to do something valuable for the society. Right now I don’t do much, but I have plans I will get there. But the intention my parents or anyone doing some good work for underprivileged must not be to make them dependent and give them a special advantage. It surely is to help them learn new things to be able to stand on their own feet.

Similarly, Reservation is one ridiculous move plotted by politicians to solve their purpose. And our society has accepted it. I have accepted it too. People fought against it, people raised their voice against it but nothing happened. Just because people in reservation are happy sitting in that quota, are greedy about their chances in life, are proud of who they are and  are okay to present a caste certificate everywhere this will continue till infinity.

When was the last time somebody went to the houses of these Quota people and checked how is the condition at their place? There is a difference between underprivileged and people who need reservation ? Why is it a blanket rule of reserving anybody and everybody who is from those castes? So you mean to say that rest 27% category is extremely rich with Money and resources ? Are you telling me that people who fall in this category don’t spend on Smartphones, TVs, Movies and Malls ? Yes they might not be as explored to the world as we are, but are you telling me that they don’t have the ability to know whats happening in the world? Obviously they can think, they know whats best for them, whats best for their children, understand difference between good and bad. Then either you are making them dependent and giving them a stick to walk or you are labeling them incapable?  But they are not incapable, they run families – they are as capable as we are.

reservedYes they might not be able to afford good education for their child or relocation for the job, yes support them in that case. But why blanketly cling this rule to the castes? Clearly we don’t have people in Education and Companies who can understand the situation of a family and then extend the desired support. We only have people who know their KRA’s and they will follow them till they die.

I may be wrong in my thinking somewhere about this, I agree I don’t understand the clear picture of this issue. But come on, Is there no single face from that entire 73% reservation quota at least from our State whose ego gets hurt or who feels the fire of called Backward? I’m surprised no one is ashamed of having the capability of living life decently and still carries on with the special advantages.

No matter how much noise the rest 27% make, the rules , the mentality, the culture is not going to change. Talking about politicians and their gimmicks , I think we saw recently in Loksabha elections that Mango people can make a difference. We just need to take responsibility!


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