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What Modiji really did to us..Respect!

While tweeting on @mrunmayeeap all afternoon today, I realized few things that Modi and his stand did to us..

A year back I was a girl who used to say, who cares who is leading the country. Nothing can change in this country, its going to go like that. My average duration in a week to watch News was hardly 10min on TV and half an hour everyday in newspapers. I snapped at everyone who saw News for  a longtime, I snapped at my family for irritating me with watching News debates on TV. I am not a teenager, but my attitude towards country’s politics was always like that.

Then BJP declared Modiji as PM candidate and things started changing. I started hearing statements like “If Modi wins, I’m telling you things will change” “If he gets elected, we have some hope” “I hope he wins, he will straighten these idiots”. My ears let it sink it one by one. Then people started talking about his speeches and the way he talks. Then people started talking about his clear goals, his cut-throat action plans, his straight-forward questions. Then people started following his tweets, articles written about him. Then people started trending about him, started writing about him on facebook, started promoting him on whatsapp, started speaking good about him in public. Then people started tracking his progress on his propositions, how he reacts to allegations done against him. Then people skipped dinner plans to watch his interviews in Aap ki Adalat etc. Then people started tracking his Sabha’s city after city, the speeches he made, the popularity he got, the total number of public that he drew.


If you are following me then you would see how the interest levels changed. We, specially the cynical uninterested generation like me could not resist but follow him. He knew somewhere we have goodness in our hearts and love for the country, he just channelized that thought. He just kept on repeating and repeating his intentions of growth and governance so many times that we started coming out of our resentment about the government. We always spoke about bad things happening around, suddenly we started talking about what Good can happen. We started talking about possibilities of happiness, good times, better opportunities, secure country and strong leadership. We started living the dream that he himself lives.

And on the day of voting unlike all previous years, there was a NaMo wave in the air. Everyone was excited to vote. Companies gave holidays to employees in order to vote. And people voted more than any year before. They tweeted, posted, instagrammed everywhere about voting.

Then on the day of Election results while looking at the scoreboards and the Orange color spread over entire country, everyone realized that not only I voted for NaMo my family, my neighbor, my boss, my colleagues, my reportees, my friends every person I know voted for him.


We became sensitive towards our love for the country. We realized our duties for the country. We started talking positive of the country. We started believing once again.

Now waiting for our Prime Minister Elect Mr. Narendra Modi to take control and lead it to the growth. Three cheers for Growth, Prosperity, Peace and Harmony!

Thanks to Modiji, once again feeling of being an Indian is as alive as it ever was!





2 replies on “What Modiji really did to us..Respect!”

Awesome blog and hats off to your writing skills mana.While reading I realised the same feelings and spaces you were going thro.


🙂 Thank you Aai!Your comment is very encouraging..All I try to do is express and hope that people can relate n understand the spaces well and you did 🙂


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